Author - Dakota Cafourek

Mornings done right.

Goods and Brands

37.2090º N, 93.2923º W In Springfield, Missouri it can be 70ºF and sunny in February and an ice storm can trap you at home in May, so it can be hard to pinpoint exactly when things happen. As such, it was one of those summer days in the midst of winter when I first sat down with the dedicated wood craftsmen behind The 1906 Gents at the longtime favorite Coffee Ethic. Inspired by their own grandfathers and great uncles who would share stories whilst lathering shaving cream, the…

Mo. Import Co. at Artists & Fleas Soho, September 18-24


See you in SoHo?   Missouri Import Company will be hosting our first-ever New York City Pop Up Shop         Come one, come all Mo. Import Co. will host its first-ever New York City pop up at Artists & Fleas Soho, 568 Broadway, SoHo, NYC September 18 thru 24, 2017. Mon. thru Sat. 10AM – 8PM Sun. 11AM – 8PM     Founded in 2017, Mo. Import Co. is a collection of storied goods sourced and scouted from shops and artisans…

It’s the little things.


41.9270º N, 73.9974º W Set in the rolling green mountains of the Hudson Valley, Kingston was New York’s first capital and shines today in a renaissance of food, culture, and design. The Rondout District sits apart from the grandeur of 17th-century courthouses and churches of Kingston’s Uptown, instead deriving from a more nautical history. The main street, Broadway, is a charming and steep incline to an arm of the Hudson River boasting historic shipyards, galleries, and boutiques. I called the street home for one…

Denim in the afternoon.

Goods and Brands, Mercantiles

40.9634º N, 72.1848º W RRL is the vintage inspired, rugged living, yurt sleeping, cowboy brand of the Ralph Lauren empire. It is east coast meets the Rockies. It’s mud. It’s turquoise. It’s denim. And it’s distinguished. The RRL flagship store in East Hampton’s Main Street is nothing short of gorgeous—a masterpiece showroom, both effortless but meticulous. The two-story vine covered cottage set on the East End of Long Island features an eclectic assortment of Native American-made merchandise along with vintage Breitlings and map-covered…

On a mission.


37.7749º N, 122.4194º W The hunt fulfills me and the tactile journey that is to refurbish, renovate and reimagine old pieces for today’s home challenges me. One such place to find an impeccably selected and wide variety of goods for the home is Harrington Galleries in San Francisco’s Mission District. An incredible three stories of furniture and decor, they have a flair for vintage and antiques fit for urban life.   Sip California wine nibbling a Wisconsin made curd at Mission Cheese.

Visit me in Music City.


36.1627º N, 86.7816º W Nashville’s 12South neighborhood is a green, walkable (and jog-able for the humid-immune natives) haven for young families with a main thoroughfare of boutiques, restaurants, and bars… and amazing peanut butter cookies (visit Sloco). Lively and quaint, this neighborhood is also home to Sevier Park which holds a weekly farmers market to the tunes of a live folk band. It’s the perfect setting for warm and welcoming White’s Mercantile — a general store for the modern-day tastemaker. Expertly curated, they…

A city fit for a Prince.


44.9778º N, 93.2650º W According to BuzzFeed, “A hipster is just a Brooklynite who wishes they were from Minnesota because it’s ‘more real.’” For ye frustrated ones, there is a long list of outfitters in Minnesota to add some realness, and an even longer list of why Minnesota is totally awesome. The area between Minneapolis’ North Loop and the Mississippi River is full of factories converted into desirable brick condominiums with refined eateries and barrooms, and modish design shops on the street level.…

Just take everything down to Highway 61.

Goods and Brands

46.7867º N, 92.1005º W Bob Dylan sang about it. He revisited it. Highway 61 runs right through Duluth, Minnesota. Follow it north through the U.S. borderline or southward to NOLA. Designed for use in the rugged country of the Great North, French-Canadian Camille Poirier patented his first Duluth Pack in 1882, naming it for the city he’d call home. One century ago, Abercrombie & Fitch carried the Duluth Pack in its Madison Avenue store. And one century later, the 2017 headquarters for…

Two Words: Hasami Porcelain.


34.0522º N, 118.2437º W Los Angeles is the perfect place to wander the lot of bright and sun-filled shops in search of vintage and handcrafted discoveries — and then getting back in the car to drive to another part of L.A. and wander some more. (Sorry! NYC pedestrian joke). The shops in Venice are cheerful, accented with light colors and tones welcoming to relaxed passersby. Tortoise General Store has a warm storefront of exquisite handicrafts for the home such as cookware, kettles, and soaps. It’s…

You look like an adventurer.

Histories and Herstories

40.9737° N, 72.1437° W The redhead. On the eastern shores of the northeast, salty waves bathe a glacial mass shaped like a whale. This is Long Island. At its edge, dubbed ‘the end’ the Montauk lighthouse proudly pulses her bright light to brave sailors and hardened lobstermen. The Atlantic can roar. She can be vengeful. Over the past 100 years alone she has engulfed our dear whale like a tempered orca, eroding and encroaching on our town. And yet, at…