40.9634º N, 72.1848º W

RRL is the vintage inspired, rugged living, yurt sleeping, cowboy brand of the Ralph Lauren empire. It is east coast meets the Rockies. It’s mud. It’s turquoise. It’s denim. And it’s distinguished. The RRL flagship store in East Hampton’s Main Street is nothing short of gorgeous—a masterpiece showroom, both effortless but meticulous. The two-story vine covered cottage set on the East End of Long Island features an eclectic assortment of Native American-made merchandise along with vintage Breitlings and map-covered walls. Mannequins sport chunky sweaters and indigo shirts; shelves and tables of folded textiles in shades of cream, navy, white and pale blue balance lavish deep browns of wood and leather. A large American flag hangs from the second floor and black and white photos of fishermen adorn the walls. The store is like an Ernest Hemingway exhibition–dedicated not only to showcasing its merchandise but mixed in, the pieces of yesteryear which inspire today’s mountain vogue.