34.0522º N, 118.2437º W

Los Angeles is the perfect place to wander the lot of bright and sun-filled shops in search of vintage and handcrafted discoveries — and then getting back in the car to drive to another part of L.A. and wander some more. (Sorry! NYC pedestrian joke). The shops in Venice are cheerful, accented with light colors and tones welcoming to relaxed passersby. Tortoise General Store has a warm storefront of exquisite handicrafts for the home such as cookware, kettles, and soaps. It’s a very hands-on experience, persuading patrons to sift through the unique articles, pottery, and ceramics. At the back of the store, just beyond a small courtyard, is a spacious gallery. Beneath tall ceilings and against exposed brick is a showcase of Japanese art and pottery — it is a beautiful hideaway to wander into.

For coffee, it’s an easy drive to bright and spacious Superba Food + Bread. If you’re traveling on foot, Abbot Kinney will fulfill all your caffeine desires.