37.2090º N, 93.2923º W

In Springfield, Missouri it can be 70ºF and sunny in February and an ice storm can trap you at home in May, so it can be hard to pinpoint exactly when things happen. As such, it was one of those summer days in the midst of winter when I first sat down with the dedicated wood craftsmen behind The 1906 Gents at the longtime favorite Coffee Ethic.

Inspired by their own grandfathers and great uncles who would share stories whilst lathering shaving cream, the gents behind the chisels and sanders set out to create quality wood products that memories are built around and last for generations to come. From Greene County, Missouri to Amagansett, New York these hand built products are modern Americana at its best: handmade and in pursuit of dreams. Go forth, clean-shaven and caffeinated.

Single Walnut Pour Over Bar with Ceramic Beehouse Dripper

The single cup pour over bar turns the start of your day into an art form. Handcrafted in walnut, a warm wood that complements the dark colors of coffee. Bar made in Missouri and includes ceramic beehouse dripper made in Japan.

Handcrafted shaving brushes are ideal for generating a rich, warm lather. Set in hand carved wood handles, these are the apex of form and function and intended for the wet-shaver or a man of discerning taste when paired with Brawl Soap. Handmade in Missouri.