41.9270º N, 73.9974º W

Set in the rolling green mountains of the Hudson Valley, Kingston was New York’s first capital and shines today in a renaissance of food, culture, and design. The Rondout District sits apart from the grandeur of 17th-century courthouses and churches of Kingston’s Uptown, instead deriving from a more nautical history. The main street, Broadway, is a charming and steep incline to an arm of the Hudson River boasting historic shipyards, galleries, and boutiques. I called the street home for one month last year and Hops Petunia was an elegant neighbor. Daily, I’d peer through the windows of meticulously set, beautiful displays of flowers and candles with scents like cedar and sage, not to mention a superb taste in wallpaper.


Sip wine at Brunette Wine Bar or take a bottle home from Kingston Wine.