46.7867º N, 92.1005º W

Bob Dylan sang about it. He revisited it. Highway 61 runs right through Duluth, Minnesota. Follow it north through the U.S. borderline or southward to NOLA.

Designed for use in the rugged country of the Great North, French-Canadian Camille Poirier patented his first Duluth Pack in 1882, naming it for the city he’d call home. One century ago, Abercrombie & Fitch carried the Duluth Pack in its Madison Avenue store. And one century later, the 2017 headquarters for Duluth Pack remain in Duluth, just “that way down on Highway 61.”

Born as a portage pack for canoes, a key mode of transport in the Boundary Waters, these beautiful satchels continue to serve in the modern-day Minnesota state hobby or toting a laptop to a co-working space in DUMBO.


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