On a mission.


37.7749º N, 122.4194º W The hunt fulfills me and the tactile journey that is to refurbish, renovate and reimagine old pieces for today’s home challenges me. One such place to find an impeccably selected and wide variety of goods for the home is Harrington Galleries in San Francisco’s Mission District. An incredible three stories of furniture and decor, they have a flair for vintage and antiques fit for urban life.   Sip California wine nibbling a Wisconsin made curd at Mission Cheese.

Two Words: Hasami Porcelain.


34.0522º N, 118.2437º W Los Angeles is the perfect place to wander the lot of bright and sun-filled shops in search of vintage and handcrafted discoveries — and then getting back in the car to drive to another part of L.A. and wander some more. (Sorry! NYC pedestrian joke). The shops in Venice are cheerful, accented with light colors and tones welcoming to relaxed passersby. Tortoise General Store has a warm storefront of exquisite handicrafts for the home such as cookware, kettles, and soaps. It’s…

Scene One. Sunny. Daytime.

Goods and Brands, Mercantiles

34.0522º N, 118.2437º W At the intersection of Lincoln and Venice Boulevards, Deus Ex Machina is effortlessly cool in its indoor-outdoor combo café and motorcycle cum surf shop. This Australian-born fuel factory fills the coffee cups of its patrons, offering light fare and ample shared tables. Take a break from your latte and screenplay to test out motorcycle helmets or better yet, your own Deus-brand motorcycle or surfboard for the freeway and those Pacific swells. Did I mention they produce…