67.2090º N, 93.2923º W

It was a bright and unseasonably warm day. Eagerly waiting to be seated for a busy Sunday brunch, we wandered the strip mall—of course, the architecture of a strip mall is not terribly charming, but the shops inside truly were. The window of Flora and Fern caught my eye, filled with vibrant plant life. The inside of the shop is playful and even more spirited, with a swing built into the ceiling and an actual greenhouse built within the space. The stores are covered in vines and succulents and plants adorn the entire room, even hanging from the ceiling. It was the definition of chill inside while the raven-haired patron pumped her legs to gain momentum on the swing, like a pendulum to the tunes of some energetic Björk meets School of Seven Bells that must only be featured in the next review from Pitchfork. The Flora and Fern boutique was such a happy place that before leaving, we were given bright blue candies imported from Italy. With blueberry lips, we left for Sunday brunch.

Sip coffee at Early Bird Breakfast Pub.