44.2950º N, 93.2688º W

Faribault Woolen Mill was founded on the banks of Faribault, Minn. in 1865. World renowned for quality blankets and throws, the mill endures as one of the last vertical woolen mills in America. Fifth generation craftspeople continue to dedicate themselves to creating beautiful wool and cotton goods with century-old methods and machinery. The company’s flagship store is onsite at their Faribault headquarters. It’s beautifully curated with an entire section of discounted excess or compromised materials. We were lucky to snag a U.S. Navy blanket that was significantly marked down because of an extra blue dot, hardly visible to the eye! We also brought home a lightweight throw in signature blue, cream, yellow and red wide stripes. Visiting a flagship store set on the site where actual sewers and loom mechanics are working, and have been for over a century, was particularly special.


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